"No one should be left out of sports..."

As a child raised on sports myself, I understand the value of teamwork and its role in the development of our youth. I believe that no one should be left out of sports because their local community doesn't have the proper funds, and so the Arc fitness project is my way of giving back. This is one small, but important step in our goal to be a difference maker in the youth sports programs of today. Together we can help.

Gary Tsang

It Began in the Silicon Valley

The Arc fitness Project is an initiative started by a group of marketers and professionals in Silicon Valley banding together to help promote fitness education. 


By leveraging fitness experts in different sectors such as Yoga, CrossFit, resistance training, and plyometrics, we hope to provide guidance for proper usage of the goods we are selling. We aim to create e-guides, tutorials and other training guides to ensure that our customers are not only getting the best products, but the proper education to go along with it.

Our products are tailored for those who want only the most high-quality fitness equipment, but our goal is to share the proceeds with under-served communities.  As such, we are currently working with goodsports.org—an organization that strives to keep kids of the streets by putting them in sports. We are donating 3% of all sales to this cause with a goal of $13,333 in our 1st year.

 By providing the best products and not deviating from our mission, we believe we can outlast the competition. When we win, so do our children.


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