Our Story

Arc fitness project is a project created by a group of individuals in the Silicon Valley. Our mission is to give back to our community by providing support to children sports education. We at Arc fitness believe that with our efforts we can help support the athletes of tomorrow. Every purchase of Arc fitness products, 3% of sales will go to support Goodsports.org and our partners in supporting tomorrow's athletes.

​Through our campaigns, you will notice the number “3” being synonymous with our brand and identity. The number of “3” relates to our belief that in many cases, it takes 3 individuals for today’s athletes to succeed.  Today in many cases we have the athlete, an enabler (coach/parent/teacher), and a benefactor such as Goodsports.org and Arc fitness project to provide the necessary equipment and sports education to help a young athlete succeed.


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Together we can help support the athletes of tomorrow.

There are many ways to help. Donating, buying our products, simply using our products or posting on social media about our brand will help our mission greatly.

What others are saying

"I believe that every bit of effort and support helps in shaping and supporting tomorrow’s athletes”- Ania