Our natural cork yoga mat is beautifully smooth yet non-slip with natural anti-microbial properties that resist mould, mildew and bad smells.

  • Made with natural and recycled cork and backed with natural tree rubber. 
  • Suitable for all styles of yoga however recommended for restorative, meditation and/or yin yoga styles to ensure longevity.
  • No PVC, PER, TPE or adhesives used.
  • Complimentary yoga mat strap (limited time offer)

Size: Size 175cm x 64cm (4mm) 
Weight: 2.5kg

Grip Tip: For extra grip sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice.

Designed in Silicon Valley. Cork sourced from 100% sustainable methods. Made in PRC.

Cork Yoga Mat

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  • Care Instructions
    Use indoors on a flat hard surface.
    No jewellery whilst practicing.
    Exercise clean hygiene - no dirty feet (this may stain the cork natural light colour). No shoes on the mat.
    Light wipe up with lemon and water after use. Lay it flat to dry naturally.
    Store away (rolled up or flat) when not in use to avoid it potentially getting dirty.
    Do not fold or crease your mat.
    Avoid excessive sun exposure.